New Delhi: An encounter took place in Jammu and Kashmir's Batmalu. The encounter between security forces and terrorists took place on Sunday. A young soldier died in this encounter, three jawans have been injured.

According to sources, security forces had a secret information that some terrorists were hidden in Batmalu's Diyarwani.

After receiving the information, the security forces started the search opertaion by seige, the terrorist started firing in response to which the security forces also fired. In this firing, special group operation soldier killed, three jawans were injured.

Lucknow: The case of extortion took place in Uttar Pradesh's Baliya. BSP legislator Umashankar Singh from Rasra assembly constituency, had registered a case of extortion.

According to the sources, The incident happened to BSP MLA on Monday evening. Umashankar told that a message came to my phone, in which was written"Check your Mail", But I did not pay any attention. It is then grabbed my attention, when on August 8, again the message came from the same number and was wriiten "last warning Uma Shankar Yes or NO, 1 crore".

According to MLA said, this incident shocked me and i immediately checked my mails and found a mail with the image of Dawood Ibrahim. In the threat mail, it was written "Warning alive or died, one bullet is enough for you, I do not want that the servant of the people of Balia, leave the world. The price is 10 million .. Yes or No. Right now". I checked the number from which the mail was received on the True Caller, and it was showing Dawood Ibrahim in it too.

This extortion had been sought from him through mail in the name of Dawood. On the complaint of the district, the police has registered the case and started investigating the matter.


Noida: The case of fake ID on social media took place in Noida. An unknown man crreated a fake facebook ID with the name of Patanjali Ayurveda chief Acharya Balkrishna.

According to the information, the accused culprit identified as Mohammed Jishan (30) had created a fake ID on Facebook with the name of Patanjali Ayurveda chief Acharya Balkrishna, has been arrested by the police for doing Indecipherable chatting. Police have recovered a mobile phone and two SIM cards from the possession of the accused.

According to the police official, on 4th July, Baba Ramdev's Pradodi Joshi, CEO of Badik Broadcasting Ltd, had also complained to Noida Police on July 4 in this case.

After the complaint made at the sector 20 police station, the case had been registered and police  started the proceedings. The police had sent the accused to judicial custody.


Noida: The shocking accident happened in Uttar pradesh. A massive fire broke out in a standing car in Noida.

According to the sources, the fire brigade team rushed towards the spot and after much struggle controlled fire. The incident took place at Noida sector 22. A fire grabbed the volswagen car standing on the side of the road.

According to the information, the car owner had thrown the burnt cigarette inside the car, and thus the car catched fire.

The fire was so horrible that the nearby house was evacuated. PCR managed to closed the sector's light and the team of fire brigade managed to control the situation.

Lucknow: The case of tampering took place in Uttar Pradesh. A 3rd class girl was tampered by an 8th class boy in one of the prestigious school.

According to the sources, the case took place at (CMS) school in Lucknow, in the Aliganj area, ​​Lucknow. The 8th grade student of the City Montessori School has tried to tamper third class girl in the wash-room.

The girl as reached her house, informed about the incident to her parents. The parents reached school next day and made complaint about the incident to the school authorities. 

Both families have not given any wriiten complaint to the police. The police team will visit the school on Monday to check the CCTV footage. 

After the matter grabbed the attention of the media, the two parties talked about compromise. Police said the charges against the student are being investigated.

According to the CCTV footage, student were seen going to the bathroom and about one minute later, girl was seen going to the bathroom. According to the police, there is no writted complaint made to the police by any of the two parties, thus no actions have been taken by the police. 

The police said that during the investigation, it was cleared that, the action was commited to complete the truth and dare task given by the students to one of their friend.

According to the police, the two sides had mutual dispute and thus, the matter had reached the police. After, some discussions infront of the police , both the parties moved back from the case.

Police will visit to school on Monday to see CCTV footage and on the basis of further investigation will be done.