Uttar Pradesh: The case of loot and murder took place in Banda district, UP. On Monday night, the two bike borne miscreants looted truck drivers and killed a bank cashier in the district and killed him. 

According to the sources, The incident belongs to the Nabab tank pond in the Kotwali area. two bike borne miscreants in late hours of Monday night, firstly looted two truck drivers st gun point, and after going a bit further, the crooke attacked on the cooperative bank's cashier and robbed him. When the cashier protested, the miscreants fired bullet at him, causing him seriously injured.

According to the information, the miscreants even after shooting the cashier, remian busy in extorting money from the cashier's pocket. later, fled away ,when they saw the locals coming towards the spot.

The local people informed the police. The police reached the spot and admitted the inujured cashier to the district hospital. Due to a serious condition, the doctors referred him to Kanpur. Where he died in mid of the way.

The police inspected the site of the incident and started investigating the matter.


Bagpat: The muslim man was barred from offering nawaaz in mosque in UP's Baghpat district on grounds of participating in the recently concluded Kanwar yatra. A muslim man performs Kanwar puja and took part in Kanwar yatra, following the hindu rituals. But the man had to pay a heavy cost for such a brotherly act.

According to the sources, the incident belongs to Binauli police station area, a man named Babu Khan, lives in Racharh village presented the example of brotherhood. Babu khan took part in Kanwar Yatra and also performed puja in the historical Sadh Sidh Parmahadev Temple of Baghpat. 

But, this act of Babu Khan created a serious problem for him. When he returned back to his village, people of muslim society protested against him and stopped him from praying in the mosque. Babu Khan alleged that some people have even threatened to stop his daily need material. 

Sources revealed, the victim had appealed to CM Yogi for the action against the people. Babu Khan also told that he had a threat to his life.

Bothered about the incident, Babu Khan appealed to the village panchayat and informed the members about the matter. After which the Panchayat made an appeal to the people of the muslim society, that they should stand with Babu Khan because some of the people of his society prevented him from offering Namaaz and also abused him. This kind of behaiviour is not acceptable by any such mean.

Babu Khan also said that some people tried to attack on him late in the night. 

The police has detained three people in this case and is investigating the case. Police have started investigating the matter by taking the complaint of the victim.

Police along with prominent citizens of the area are making efforts to resolve the matter through talks.


Kasganj: Taking a lesson from the violence erupted on Republic day this year,the local administration has denied permission forTiranga Yatra in Kasganj, on August 15. The district has been converted into a cantonment and Section 144 has been implemented in the area strictly.

Superintendent of police, Shivhari Meena divided the Kasganj city into 2 zones.

According to the imformation, the district was devided into 7 sectors and 18 sub sectors, forming 74 points. Barriers will be placed in 25 locations. In addition, 35 locations will remain equipped with state-of-the-art weapons including police force, binakulars and LMG on rooftops.

Sources revealed that 3 Additional Superintendents of Police, 6 Area Officer, 17 Incharge Inspectors, 15 Inspectors, 105 Nos., 110 HCP / HC and 518 Reservations will be deployed.

The reason behind such an alert is, on January 26, 2018, on the occasion of Republic Day in Kasganj, Vishva Hindu Parishad and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad had taken Tiranga Yatra, during  yatra  violence had erupted and a youth named Chandan Gupta died in the dispute. Due to which, there was a lot of fatigue remained for many days in the city. 

Thus, on Independence day the administration is completely on alert and the police force is deployed on the raid.


Lucknow: CM Yogi Adityanath on the tour to Basti and Ayodhya on Tuesday. CM Yogi's visited to participate in Sant Samagam program and later, departed for Faizabad after holding the 1 and a half hour programe in Basti. The administration had tighten the security and made complete preparations for CM Yogi's visit.

CM Yogi's schedule of Basti program:

CM Yogi reached at Basti helipad at 11:50 am. 

CM Yogi worshipped in Tapasi Dham.

Plantation, drinking water and lighting work was inaugurated at the Tapasi samadhi site.

Simultaneously, CM Yogi had also laid the foundation for the construction work done by the tourism department.

According to the information, CM reached Basti at around 11:50 am and attended program in Basti, for around 1hr 30 min. After which, CM further headed towards Faizabad, at around 1:10 pm and reached Digamer Akhara of Ayodhya at 1:45 pm.

Scheduled of Faizabad program:

CM attended Sant Sammelan on the occasion of 15th death anniversary Ram Chandradas Paramhansa.

At 3:05 pm, CM will visit Rampali's Nirbhaya Ashram.

CM Yogi will inaugurate Cow shed at Udasin Ashram.

CM will leave for Lucknow at 4:05 pm.


Noida. : A woman engineer had filed a case against 43 people, including the boss, in several sections including tampering. The police had rgisterd the case and started the investigation. 

According to the information, the woman engineer had filed a case in Noida Sector-58 Kotwali. The woman is a resident of Ghaziabad and is an engineer in Noida Sector-62 company.

According to the statement made by woman, since March-April 2018, her boss and some friends were making obscene gestures towards her. Her boss pressurised him to stayand work till late night. Many female companions were also pushing him to make a physical connection to the boss. Female companions also used to misguide her.

The woman complained about the matter to the police. The police has registered the case and started investigations. Notices had also been issued by the police to some colleagues to give statements.