Farrukhabad: The brutall incident happened in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. A group of unknown men attacked a girl with acid. The girl got severely burnt by acid. She had been admitted to Lohia Hospital, where her treatment is under-going. 

According to the sources, the young woman name Sabina, lives in her maternal uncle's house since childhood because her mother had passed away quite a long time before and her father works in Ahmedabad.

According to the sources, she was lying in her room, when three people peeped from outside the window , somehow the accused culprits removed the curtain of the window and threw acid on her.  The victims many parts of the body got burnt due to acid.

The victim Sabina shouted out of pain , to which her family members rushed towards the room .The accused fled away, as they heard the voice of the people. The family immediately admitted Sabina to Lohiya Hospital for treatment. 

The incident information was given to the city Kotwali police. Meanwhile,  police had registered case against the accused culprit and started investigation.

Ghumana Chowki Incharge visited the hospital to check Sabina's condition. Sabina in her statement alleged that, there were people living nearby to her house, had a dispute with Sabina's family about putting katiya. The police had also been informed about the dispute, but later, panchayat members collaborated the matter among the two, but the neighbouirs caught rivalry and they threatened to burn her face.


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