Rishikesh: Another soldier of Uttarakhand has been martyred in Jammu and Kashmir. In the blast in the Uri sector near the LoC, the army personnel got brutally injured and succumed to his injuries, during treatment.

According to the information, Martyr Pradeep Rawat was a resident of Upper Ganganagar, Rishikesh. On Sunday evening there was a blast in the Uri sector near the LoC. The young man got injured. The fellow soldiers admitted him to the hospital, but he died during the treatment at the Military Hospital.

There is a rift in the family of the martyred, as the information received by them. 

According to the sources, Pradeep Rawat's family originally belongs to Baharai village of Doogi Patti Tehri Garhwal. He was posted in the fourth battalion of the Garhwal rifle and presently he was posted in Uri sector of Jammu and Kashmir.

 Martyrd Pradeep Rawat's father Kunwar Singh Rawat was retired from the army, currently he is employed in AIIMS. Martyrd Pradeep Rawat was the only brother of three sisters. Pradeep Rawat was married 1 year ago and his wife is seven months pregnant.

The local MLA and Uttarakhand assembly speaker Premchand Agrawal reached their house to support the family during their hard time , as and when the MLA got the news about Martyrd Pradeep Rawat.


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