Lucknow: The case of tampering took place in Uttar Pradesh. A 3rd class girl was tampered by an 8th class boy in one of the prestigious school.

According to the sources, the case took place at (CMS) school in Lucknow, in the Aliganj area, ​​Lucknow. The 8th grade student of the City Montessori School has tried to tamper third class girl in the wash-room.

The girl as reached her house, informed about the incident to her parents. The parents reached school next day and made complaint about the incident to the school authorities. 

Both families have not given any wriiten complaint to the police. The police team will visit the school on Monday to check the CCTV footage. 

After the matter grabbed the attention of the media, the two parties talked about compromise. Police said the charges against the student are being investigated.

According to the CCTV footage, student were seen going to the bathroom and about one minute later, girl was seen going to the bathroom. According to the police, there is no writted complaint made to the police by any of the two parties, thus no actions have been taken by the police. 

The police said that during the investigation, it was cleared that, the action was commited to complete the truth and dare task given by the students to one of their friend.

According to the police, the two sides had mutual dispute and thus, the matter had reached the police. After, some discussions infront of the police , both the parties moved back from the case.

Police will visit to school on Monday to see CCTV footage and on the basis of further investigation will be done.

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