Meerut: 50 Dalit families had issued a threatening statement to convert their religion. The Dalit group alleged that the priest banned the entry of dalit people in the temple. The priest even stated that he do not consider Dalits as Hindus. This led Dalit community to reach the SSP office. The police had started investigating the matter.

According to the sources, this sensitive case emerged at Punch Village Patti in Bhavanpur area.The Dalit group told that there is a temple about 50 years old in their village. Where the whole village celebrates and worship. A few months ago, a priest took a charge of the temple with the consent of the villagers. Two days ago, the group of women belongs to Dalit society visited the temple to worship, but priest banned them to enter the temple and didnt allowed the womens to worship.

According to Dalit women, they all returned home and informed their family members about the incident, some youths of their families tried to talk to the priest, but priest refused to agree on any terms and said that the people of Dalit society will not worship in the temple. Priest further added that separate temples had been built for the Dalits, so they should go there and worship. The priest even said that he do not consider the Dalits as Hindus . As the situation got worsened, all the Dalits made an appeal to the SSP office and called for justice.

According to the sources, the Dalit families had warned that if they were not allowed to enter the temple, then all the 50 families will change their religion. But the police authorities refused about any such statement made by the Dalits.

The SP said that some Dalits had made an appeal to the police, but there is no such statement of converting their religion were made. There was a dispute between the two parties, due to which the matter got worsened.

According to police official, investigation is underway and if any allegations made by the Dalit families proved, strict actions will be taken.


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