Etawah: Demonetisation step of government on November 8 is turned curse for some  people as they have lost their lives while standing in queue or could not able to get money due to scarcity.

In Uttar Pradesh's Etawah, A BA student tried to commit suicide after she failed to withdraw money from her account for long.

Girl,Girja,23, stabbed herself when State Bank of India branch Official told that her KYC account is not properly completed.

She stabbed herself in bank branch and were immediately taken to primary health centre.


Station officer Bharthana Sunil Kumar Singh said,"Every time her number came, the bank employees refused to give her money by saying that her KYC documents were incomplete. When she asked for KYC form, they would plead helplessness saying that they didn't have it." 


Police also said,victim Girja was coming to bank for last 15 days for Rs 2000 for purchasing medicines for her chronic disease.



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