1-Rajneeti: Seeing Hathras MP after 2.5 Years people asked, Where were you?

When Election comes political leaders hand folded ask for votes and promises giant from voters in their assembly seats but when they flourish with votes of innocent public and wins the polls they are hard to be visible specially among public. The special report we are showing to you is when BJP 'Parivartan Rally' reached to Aligarh, Iglas, some supporters fumes in an anger after seeing Member of Parliament from Hathras, Rajesh Diwakar as they alleges MP absent from the constituency from past 2.5 years and never come resolve problems and done nothing to developed the area.

2-Rajneeti: Shivpal Yadav dreams of flower Welcome but Resignation what leaders offered

Rift in Samajwadi Party is nothing new from top to bottom party going through the most crunch tussle factor. Samajwadi Party Uttar Pradesh party chief Shivpal Yadav has appointed Ram Sharan Yadav as district president of Fatehpur but the decision has back fired for the Samajwadi party as local unit is totally against this step and many of them resigns from the post.They alleges Ram Sharan Yadav has no support of workers and he do not have political ground and supporters may split because of him. Yadav was sacked from Samajwadi Party in the past.

3-Rajneeti: Congress Party Ripped in parts in Farrukhabad's Amritpur

In an old saying ''If you have enemy with in your own house no need to search outside''. In Uttar Pradesh's Farrukhabad's Amritpur seat congress local leaders are fighting each other for the election ticket.The local unit seems ripped apart totally. Congress district president Mrintunjay Sharma and district youth wing president Shivam Tiwari both want to contest election from party ticket. District President Mritunjay Sharma supporters warned the congress officials if some thing goes wrong then they will not let party to campaign in Amritpur.

4-Rajneeti: Sugarcane Farmers Protest in Baghpat,Puts serious allegations on Jayant Chaudhary

A protest by sugarcane farmers against owners of sugar mill for not clearing their dues in Baghpat district. Though this protest drawing all kinds of political leaders to the area to show solidarity with the agitating farmers who have not been paid pending cane dues in the district.Farmers alleges Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) General Secretary Jayant Chaudhary for supporting Sugar mill owners and taken Rs 20 crore as bribe.

5-Rajneeti: Leader Ajay Kumar Pasi humiliated in BJP Rally in Allahabad

Ajay Kumar Pasi MLA from Allahabad's Bara had joined BJP two months back but BJP leaders might be in discomfort from his admission as in the Parivartan rally when leader should be acknowledge he has been humiliated in the speech by some local leader of saffron party, where he said Ajay Kumar Pasi fails to do any development work that was the reason he joined Bhartiya Janta Party.

Changing Party just before the elections is a political theory of leaders as it looks like change in stance and ideology comes in dreams of these leaders. Once stalwart of party goes to different Political group without any hustle or fear of public image.

6-Rajneeti: Samajwadi party MLA Haji Zameerullah calls Vinay Katiyar a Terrorist

Samajwadi party MLA Haji Zameerullah Khan calls Vinay Katiyar a Terrorist in Aligarh. He is the representative of public and they lacks in the language department as he do not have an idea what to speak and when to speak . On other hand Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)puts serious allegations on Samajwadi party MLA Haji Zameerullah.







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