Demonetisation may give reliefs to Indians after 31st December as said by government but from November 8 after the announcement of currency ban their are several cases reported some people died, some suicides or cash less marriages or recently mother giving birth to child in bank queue.

In recent incident a man was found living with his dead body of father for seven days as he claimed he had no cash for the cremation. 

The incident taken place in the Anand Nagar area of Etawah, the neighbours forcefully managed to entered the house where they are shocked to see maggot decomposed body and immediately informed the police.

He Told to Police after he was detained:

-Man, Arvind, told to police after police questions him that his father Chotey Lal Sharma (75) was retired army man.

-He died about a week ago as he was in cash crunch situation he could not able to cremate him.

Police Inspector Satyendra Yadav told media:

-Locals have seen both father and son in the market on November 22.

- After that only Arvind is seen in locality as per the neighbours told to police.



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