1-Rajneeti: Gayatri Prasad Close aide Gudda Devi Encroaches land in Amethi

Transport Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati has long list of illegal lands and owned number of properties in Amethi. People of Amethi are afraid and fears that when some land mafia encroach their lands.In recent case close aide of Gayatri Prasad, Gudda Devi encroached land of poor villager in Amethi and later he was beaten by police when he tries to file complaint.

2-Rajneeti: Shafiqur Rahman Barq VS Mehboob Ali, Tremors in Samajwadi Party

In Amroha Former Member of Parliament and Samajwadi Party leader Shafiqur Rahman Barq is not in conflict with some one else as party's other leader and Minister Mehboob Ali is best suited what he thinks. Shafiqur Rahman alleges and demands Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to sack, Ali, as he is not perfect suitable for any rank in cabinet.

3-Rajneeti: BJP Workers forced Congress Men to Run,PM Modi Effigy left behind

In Fatehpur Congress youth wing workers gathered outside BJP office to burn effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But the protest changed like spinning coin as BJP workers lashed on to some congress supporters chanting slogans against PM Modi and demonetisation.  The Effigy which they bought to burn is later renamed as Rahul Gandhi by BJP wing.

4-Rajneeti: BJP Leader Sushil Singh threatened to Shoot Opposition leaders

BJP Leader and strong man Sushil Singh has threatened another strong man of opposition where he said, these kind of people should be shot on the road. Without taking name he threatens Ansari Brothers in Ghazipur.

5-Rajneeti: BJP has Purchased Properties before Demonetisation

In Uttar Pradesh the cases are fuming that BJP has purchased properties to keep aside their black money. Congress leader of Hapur, Gajraj Singh alleges local BJP wing to purchase land in the name of party office just before demonetisation of high currency. These kind of allegations were also raised by other political leaders  outside and inside Parliament.

6-Rajneeti: Poster War Hype, PM Modi portrayed as Adolf Hitler in Allahabad

The Uttar Pradesh polls are still a few months away but Local leaders are trying hard to be in eyes of party high command. Aiming to score high local unit Congress in Allahabad sticks poster at the road side where Prime Minister Narendra Modi portrayed as Adolf Hitler.











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