Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Shabd Bhedi Express between Ghazipur and Kolkata.

 He addressed 'Parivartan rally' in Ghazipur,The first rally in Uttar Pradesh after currency ban.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speech Major points:

-In 2014 I had requested you all to trust me,its my great fortune I have got second chance to get your blessings, PM Modi to massive gathering.

-Uttar Pradesh has given many Prime Minister to this country,Today is the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru,the first  Prime Minister of india.

-No one can pay such Tribute Pandit Nehru Ji, I have came on 14 November specially,to expose who did not work towards Pt. Nehru path.

-Difficulties came when you to do something different, but intentions should be right.There are Some political parties that are worried so much over the ban of currency.

-The money which belongs to people, Now what will happen to those people who garlands currency notes.

-I had to stop corruption at any cost. I can't go and check every house. So I changed all the notes into just worthless piece of paper.

-Congress turned this entire country into a jail for 19 months.

-I am saying to all that just give me 50 days.

 -The banks staff is working for 18 hours a day for the country.

-This is 'mahayagya', this is the festival of honesty. 

-I seek and ask for your blessings for success of currency ban around country. 

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