BJP leader Dayashankar Singh compares Mayawati with a prostitute

On Wednesday, BJP vice president Dayashankar Singh triggered a controversy by comparing BSP chief Mayawati with a prostitute.

He also condemn the ticket distribution policy of BSP. Talking to the media, Dayashankar Singh said,” Mayawati has shattered the dreams of Kanshiram and the way she is distributing party tickets in exchange of money even prostitute don’t behave like that.

In morning if somebody offers her Rs 1 crore she will give him the ticket but if someone offers her Rs 3 crore in the evening she will cancel the name of the previous candidate and give it to him.

Worst than the prostitutes who are more loyal to her customer.”

Reacting to the comment BSP chief Mayawati demanded immediate arrest of BJP leader Dayashankar Singh.

She said, he should be immediately arrested for his derogatory remarks against her. Later Dayashankar Singh apologized for his remarks.

But Mayawati furiously rejected his apology.

She said,"The country will not forgive the BJP for the statement.

The BJP has the audacity to make such a comment even as Dalits are protesting in Gujarat over the atrocities," a furious Mayawati said

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